KALEID editions selected one hundred books by forty artists based in ten European countries for one day in London.

As a selected artist I attended the panel discussion (see below for details) and was part of the curated exhibition and book fair that showcased the best artists’ books to an international audience. The editioned and unique artists’ books displayed original etchings, drypoints, woodcuts, linocuts, letterpress, risograph printing, embossing, bookbinding, ceramics, photographs, video, paintings, drawings, print on demand technology and paper engineering.

PANEL DISCUSSION // Friday 20th July 6.30 – 8pm

KALEID editions will chair a discussion panel to support artists selected for KALEID 2012 London. Guest speakers offer their firsthand experience on the facilitation and exhibition of artists’ books and how to appeal to private and public collections.

Victoria Browne Artist and Founder of KALEID editions
Ivan Durt Project Coordinator & Studio Manager,  Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium
Elizabeth James Senior Librarian for Artists’ Books, Word & Image Department, National Art Library, V&A Museum, UK.
David Solo Trustee of the Centre for Book Arts, USA
Sam Winston Artist exhibiting and selling artists’ books in the USA, UK.

Colour Observation: Argentiere Glacier, March 2010 is now held at the Scott Polar Research Institute Library. This folio of prints, alongside other work exploring colour density and mass, is currently on display in SPRI library until the end of March.


The Scott Polar Research Institute

SPRI has the world’s most comprehensive polar Library and Archives. Our new extension, The Shackleton Memorial Library was opened in November 1998. Together with the World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge, the Library has developed high-quality online information resources.

The book Colour & Nature: Swansea is now in the collections of The National Library of Wales.

The National Library of Wales Aberystwyth

Book description
In association with Swansea Print Workshop Colour & Nature: Swansea is a publication that documents a series of two-day workshops delivered by Elizabeth Jackson. Inspired by local field trips and the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour, SPW participants created the content for this limited edition bookwork published by Atelier Jackson Press.

For more information about the project see:
New Creative Dialogues project blog
Swansea Print workshop website

This project was supported by:


Victoria and Albert Museum      


In March 2011 I met with Gill Saunders, Senior Curator (Prints) in the Word & Image Department at the V&A. I gifted a suite of prints to the collection: Colour Observation: Argentiere Glacier, March 2010

I also gifted two book works that were accepted into the V&A National Art Library:
Colour & Nature, Swansea, 2010
Colour of Summer [volume one]


Victoria and Albert Museum Word and Image Department
Prints & Drawings Study Room is located on Level 4 of the Henry Cole Wing
Enquiry desk (Tues. – Fri. 10-17:00): +44(0)20 7942 2563


V&A National Art Library
Link to NAL catalogue reference for Colour & Nature book
Link to NAL catalogue reference for The Colour of Summer [volume one], book

In December 2010 I delivered a number of works to The Colour Reference Library at the Royal College of Art.

Works the collection now holds:
Colour Observation: Argentiere Glacier, March 2010
Colour & Nature, Swansea, 2010
Colour of Summer [volume one]

The Colour Reference Library

The Colour Reference Library (CRL) at the Royal College of Art is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of colour-related publications in the world. Containing well over a thousand books, together with pamphlets, swatches and journals, the library covers numerous aspects of the vast field of colour-based studies, encompassing art and science, theory and practice.

New Work 2010

Title: Colour Observation Argentière Glacier March 2010
Contents: 27 Glacial Blue prints / Observation Notes / black & white photograph
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Edition: 10

Description: A limited edition folio of Glacial Blue screenprints. Each print details a daily colour observation of the Argentière Glacier during a month long study.

Printmaking Today Autumn Issue 2010
Printmakers’ Diary (page 5)
Nancy Campbell hunts for prints in Arctic Greenland

“Since my exposure to ice in the Arctic I’ve been seeking out others’ responses to this shifting substance to help contextualize my own work. Elizabeth Jackson, the current artist-in-residence at Swansea Print Workshop, Wales, is working on a series of colour studies of ‘Glacial Blue’. These intricately layered screenprints continue Jackson’s impressive body of research on transient colours in nature and analysis of colour depth and mass. the artist’s Glacier Project which records daily observation of the Argentière Glacier in the French Alps, reveals the ‘poetry that science sometimes filters out in the pursuit of objective discourse’.”

Printmaking Today website

London Art Book Fair 2010

A selection of my books are represented at the London Art Book Fair 2010 by KALEID editions.

The London Art Book Fair
24-26 September 2010

Kaleid editions
Whitechapel Gallery

New Publication August 2010

Title: Colour & Nature Swansea
Publisher: Atelier Jackson Press
Size: 350mm x 250mm
Workshops: Swansea Print Workshop, UK, May – August 2010
Edition: 10 copies

Description: In association with Swansea Print Workshop Colour & Nature: Swansea is a publication that documents a series of two-day workshops delivered by Elizabeth Jackson. Inspired by local field trips and the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour, SPW participants created the content for this limited edition bookwork published by Atelier Jackson Press.

Colours featured in this volume:
Ghost Green, Grows Like Popcorn, Impossible Infinite Nothrything, Time Bleached, Beach Cone, Silver Slate Blue, Burnished Burgundy Bronze, Dusty Latte, Hazy Mauve, Lavender Grey Blue, Luminous Lipstick Pink, Shimmering Red Mandarin, Shot Mango, Sunlit Leaf Green, Warm Burgundy Glow


For full details of the project and workshops see www.newcreativedialogues.wordpress.com

The Nature of Colour / The Colour of Nature

An exhibition of work produced during the New creative Dialogues Project will be on show at Swansea Print Workshop.

Thursday 26th August 6.30pm

Show open
Friday 27th August 12-6pm
Saturday 28th August 12-6pm

To view the invite and for further details click the link below:

Exhibition invite PDF

I am printing a single sheet with the 15 unique colours participants have created during the Colour & Nature workshop series. The sheet will form a collective souvenir of the project.

These workshops were delivered as part of the New Creative Dialogues artist residency at Swansea Print Workshop.
Please see the residency blog for further details.

Two-Day Workshops: Colour & Nature
Swansea Print Workshop, UK, June – August 2010

Workshop One / Field Trip: St James Gardens
Workshop Two / Field Trip: Swansea Beach
Workshop Three / Field Trip: Botanical Gardens, Singleton Park

I have been selected as the New Creative Dialogues artist in residence at Swansea Print Workshop, May – August 2010

Artist Talk at Swansea Print Workshop, May 2010


Residency Outline
The New Creative Dialogues project will provide the organisation with an opportunity to work with a printmaker with a new perspective.

We hope that the artist will generate increased awareness of contemporary practice by encouraging discussion and creating activity in the workshop which will become a catalyst for change and new perspectives across the range of our activities.

The artist will support individual development of artists through formal and informal contact with the working membership through classes, training for workshop leaders and working with them to facilitate engagement with young volunteers and the community. The artist will be given priority to develop their own work with access to studio 24/7 outside their three day commitment.


Visit the project blog for further information and news

New Booklet Summer 2010

Title: Glacier Project _ Part Three
Size: 175mm x 250mm

I am currently making daily colour observations of the Seracs de Lognan, Argentière Glacier. These observations form part of a collection of detailed colour reference material I am building for use in future printed works.

New Booklet Summer 2010

Title: Glacier Project _ Part Two
Size: 175mm x 250mm

New Booklet Summer 2010

Title: Glacier Project _ Part One
Size: 175mm x 250mm

In November 2009 I was invited to contribute to Nancy Campbell’s Arctic Arts Blog. I provided information and insights about the Glacier Project for the blog which ‘features artists who have responded to the Polar regions or associated themes, ie. glaciers, ice and vulnerable environments’.

Download the PDF document detailing correspondence between Elizabeth Jackson and Nancy Campbell.

An edited version of this document appears on Nancy Campbell’s Arctic Arts Blog.

For further information visit the Glacier Project website.

In December I will be exhibiting at Kaleid gallery in Shoreditch, London as part of…

The Grand Plasto-Baader-Books
2-24 December 2009

The exhibition will bring to life ‘the aftermath of an accident between a trolley car and a newspaper kiosk’, recalling Maud Lavin’s description of Johannes Baader’s original exhibition Das Grosse Plasto-Dio-Dada-Drama. Drawing inspiration from Baader’s original architectural feat, fifty pieces have been selected for their originality and conceptual response to the traditional book form. KALEID curator Deeqa Ismail challenges the viewer to consider not what a book is but what a book can be. Reaching out to an international network of artists.

KALEID PRESS RELEASE: The Grand Plasto-Baader-Books


prototypes featured in the exhibition

embossed prototype # 1.1
December 2008
297 x 210 x 80 mm


cut prototype # 1.1 (above left)
cut prototype # 1.2 (above right)
August 2009
210 x 148.5 x 50 mm


Volume Study Prototypes
Material and process are the principle elements that influence the configuration of each book object. The form is constructed using systematic layering. Binding of the individual leaves / pages stabilizes and even generates the shape of the object. The bound edge is the single consistent structural element – this assigns a force from which the formation of the book develops. The Prototypes form a series of working models. They contain ideas about three-dimensional space and each becomes a visual document encapsulating the process of fabrication. The work challenges preconceptions of books and reading – animated by light and natural forces the surfaces of these books require a different type of visual engagement.


After completing a productive and inspiring residency at East London Printmakers I am now back in Argentière. There are a number of new works already in development that build on discoveries made during the two month residency.

Pictured are a selection of Glacial Blue prints and other colour reference material made at ELP, and now installed in my alpine studio.



Artist Residency at East London Printmakers

May – June 2009






During the residency, I made intricately layered and delicately coloured screenprints in three glacial blue hues.

Print Titles:
Glacial Blue ________Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4
Glacial Blue-Green ___Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4
Glacial BlueGrey ____Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4

The denser glacial ice is, the bluer it appears. Inspired by this a series of screenprints were made that build colour density through the layering of ink on paper. I apply processes and configurations observed in nature to the activity of making prints – this methodology generates new ways to think about the printmaking process. Initially systematic in construction the print subsequently develops its own dynamic form.

research / field studies
Prior to the residency I worked directly from the landscape to produce a comprehensive range (over 120 to date) of small-scale colour tests and sample swatches. This preparatory work was developed during into a series of intricate larger scale prints.
Key ideas and concepts explored in the prints:

> ink as strata – suspended colour within the layers of a print
> three-dimensional colour – building depth, intensity and mass
> using the screenprinting process to create sculptural forms on a surface


During the residency I delivered a one-day workshop titled ‘The Colour of Summer’ and gave a presentation as part of ELP’s artist talk programme.



book_01 Colour_of_Summer_book_02 Colour_of_Summer_book_03

New Publication June 2009

Title: The Colour of Summer [Volume One]
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 907202– 00 – 1
Publisher: Atelier Jackson Press
Size: 275mm x 200mm
Workshop: East London Printmakers, UK, 7th June 2009
Edition: 30 copies

Description: In association with East London Printmakers The Colour of Summer [volume one] is a publication that documents a master workshop delivered by Elizabeth Jackson. Inspired by the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour, ELP participants created the content for this limited edition bookwork published by Atelier Jackson Press.

Colours featured in this volume:
Alhambra Olive, Aqua Marine Caress, Dappled Summer Stillness, Humid Pink, Lagoon Caramel, Patchy Burnt Brown, Salty Gold, Valley Blast, Vibrant Meadow.


One-Day Workshop: The Colour of Summer
East London Printmakers, UK, 7th June 2009

A workshop exploring the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour. During the workshop each participant created, named then mixed a single colour. The colours were then screenprinted onto individual pages.





After the workshop the book covers, contents and index pages were printed. All the pages are now ready to be collated and bound, the edition will finished by the end of my residency at ELP, June 30th 2009.


Workshop feedback

“As someone who spends a lot of time struggling to get colour to make the effect that I desire, I thought it was great to approach colour in a different way.”
Wuon-Gean Ho

“Just a quick thank you to say what a wonderful day I had printing with you.”
Sumi Perera

“Thank you for a great workshop.”
Vic Browne


COLOUR STUDY glacial ice
Pictured are a collection of sample swatches and colour tests. Using this research material I am developing a series of screenprints that build colour depth through semi-transparent, tints and overlays.


SKY BLUE gradient prints
I have been making some test prints for a study of the sky at dusk and dawn.

Glacier du Tour August 2007

I will be giving a talk about the Glacier Project and the field trip to the Glacier du Tour as part of the annual iNOMAD event. Tickets are available via the iNOMAD website: www.inomad.co.uk

Glacier Project Talk and exhibition
The 2008 iNOMAD Event
23rd January 2008, 7pm
Royal Geographical Society with IBG
1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

New work featured in the presentation:
These book objects examine the subtleties of the glacial landscape and the play of light on the surface of the glacier.

A unique collection of people (glaciologists, explorers and writers) were asked to list six words they would use to describe a glacier. These lists offer a range of interpretations about glaciers. This element of the project is part of an ongoing enquiry into the written description of natural landscapes.

Use the link below to download a copy of Glacial Vocabulary 1
Glacial Vocabulary 1.pdf

Atelier Jackson