New Publication August 2010

Title: Colour & Nature Swansea
Publisher: Atelier Jackson Press
Size: 350mm x 250mm
Workshops: Swansea Print Workshop, UK, May – August 2010
Edition: 10 copies

Description: In association with Swansea Print Workshop Colour & Nature: Swansea is a publication that documents a series of two-day workshops delivered by Elizabeth Jackson. Inspired by local field trips and the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour, SPW participants created the content for this limited edition bookwork published by Atelier Jackson Press.

Colours featured in this volume:
Ghost Green, Grows Like Popcorn, Impossible Infinite Nothrything, Time Bleached, Beach Cone, Silver Slate Blue, Burnished Burgundy Bronze, Dusty Latte, Hazy Mauve, Lavender Grey Blue, Luminous Lipstick Pink, Shimmering Red Mandarin, Shot Mango, Sunlit Leaf Green, Warm Burgundy Glow


For full details of the project and workshops see