KALEID editions selected one hundred books by forty artists based in ten European countries for one day in London.

As a selected artist I attended the panel discussion (see below for details) and was part of the curated exhibition and book fair that showcased the best artists’ books to an international audience. The editioned and unique artists’ books displayed original etchings, drypoints, woodcuts, linocuts, letterpress, risograph printing, embossing, bookbinding, ceramics, photographs, video, paintings, drawings, print on demand technology and paper engineering.

PANEL DISCUSSION // Friday 20th July 6.30 – 8pm

KALEID editions will chair a discussion panel to support artists selected for KALEID 2012 London. Guest speakers offer their firsthand experience on the facilitation and exhibition of artists’ books and how to appeal to private and public collections.

Victoria Browne Artist and Founder of KALEID editions
Ivan Durt Project Coordinator & Studio Manager,  Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium
Elizabeth James Senior Librarian for Artists’ Books, Word & Image Department, National Art Library, V&A Museum, UK.
David Solo Trustee of the Centre for Book Arts, USA
Sam Winston Artist exhibiting and selling artists’ books in the USA, UK.