Liz Jackson

Born in Manchester, studied at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, London.

Time spent dreaming, living and walking in the mountains and valleys, forest and coastline, inspires and informs my work. The observation of colour shifts and the fleeting effects of illumination in the natural landscape provide the central preoccupations of my practice.

I apply an experimental process-driven approach to fine art printmaking and use colour as an expressive visual medium to instigate dialogues between different areas of printmaking practice. Works include: in-depth colour studies of glacial ice, alpine forests and winter skies.

Artist residencies have been essential in the progression of my practice. Together with important opportunities to develop my professional teaching experience in a community workshop setting, they have provided invaluable periods of time for experimentation and production.

Limited edition publications are used to disseminate ideas and engage a diverse audience – books that appeal to glaciologists, geographers, artists, educators and the general public. I value the role of libraries and archives and aim to periodically publish books that contribute to a collective knowledge – publications that enrich and broaden the descriptive language used in the visual communication of nature, light and colour.

Atelier Jackson is the workspace of artist Elizabeth Jackson

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