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I am printing a single sheet with the 15 unique colours participants have created during the Colour & Nature workshop series. The sheet will form a collective souvenir of the project.

These workshops were delivered as part of the New Creative Dialogues artist residency at Swansea Print Workshop.
Please see the residency blog for further details.

Two-Day Workshops: Colour & Nature
Swansea Print Workshop, UK, June – August 2010

Workshop One / Field Trip: St James Gardens
Workshop Two / Field Trip: Swansea Beach
Workshop Three / Field Trip: Botanical Gardens, Singleton Park

One-Day Workshop: The Colour of Summer
East London Printmakers, UK, 7th June 2009

A workshop exploring the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour. During the workshop each participant created, named then mixed a single colour. The colours were then screenprinted onto individual pages.





After the workshop the book covers, contents and index pages were printed. All the pages are now ready to be collated and bound, the edition will finished by the end of my residency at ELP, June 30th 2009.


Workshop feedback

“As someone who spends a lot of time struggling to get colour to make the effect that I desire, I thought it was great to approach colour in a different way.”
Wuon-Gean Ho

“Just a quick thank you to say what a wonderful day I had printing with you.”
Sumi Perera

“Thank you for a great workshop.”
Vic Browne

Atelier Jackson