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Colour Observation: Argentiere Glacier, March 2010 is now held at the Scott Polar Research Institute Library. This folio of prints, alongside other work exploring colour density and mass, is currently on display in SPRI library until the end of March.


The Scott Polar Research Institute

SPRI has the world’s most comprehensive polar Library and Archives. Our new extension, The Shackleton Memorial Library was opened in November 1998. Together with the World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge, the Library has developed high-quality online information resources.

I am currently making daily colour observations of the Seracs de Lognan, Argentière Glacier. These observations form part of a collection of detailed colour reference material I am building for use in future printed works.

After completing a productive and inspiring residency at East London Printmakers I am now back in Argentière. There are a number of new works already in development that build on discoveries made during the two month residency.

Pictured are a selection of Glacial Blue prints and other colour reference material made at ELP, and now installed in my alpine studio.


COLOUR STUDY glacial ice
Pictured are a collection of sample swatches and colour tests. Using this research material I am developing a series of screenprints that build colour depth through semi-transparent, tints and overlays.


SKY BLUE gradient prints
I have been making some test prints for a study of the sky at dusk and dawn.

Atelier Jackson