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Artist Residency at East London Printmakers

May – June 2009





During the residency, I made intricately layered and delicately coloured screenprints in three glacial blue hues.

Print Titles:
Glacial Blue ________Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4
Glacial Blue-Green ___Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4
Glacial BlueGrey ____Density 1–6 ____Intensity 1–4

The denser glacial ice is, the bluer it appears. Inspired by this a series of screenprints were made that build colour density through the layering of ink on paper. I apply processes and configurations observed in nature to the activity of making prints – this methodology generates new ways to think about the printmaking process. Initially systematic in construction the print subsequently develops its own dynamic form.

research / field studies
Prior to the residency I worked directly from the landscape to produce a comprehensive range (over 120 to date) of small-scale colour tests and sample swatches. This preparatory work was developed during into a series of intricate larger scale prints.
Key ideas and concepts explored in the prints:

> ink as strata – suspended colour within the layers of a print
> three-dimensional colour – building depth, intensity and mass
> using the screenprinting process to create sculptural forms on a surface


During the residency I delivered a one-day workshop titled ‘The Colour of Summer’ and gave a presentation as part of ELP’s artist talk programme.



book_01 Colour_of_Summer_book_02 Colour_of_Summer_book_03

New Publication June 2009

Title: The Colour of Summer [Volume One]
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 907202– 00 – 1
Publisher: Atelier Jackson Press
Size: 275mm x 200mm
Workshop: East London Printmakers, UK, 7th June 2009
Edition: 30 copies

Description: In association with East London Printmakers The Colour of Summer [volume one] is a publication that documents a master workshop delivered by Elizabeth Jackson. Inspired by the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour, ELP participants created the content for this limited edition bookwork published by Atelier Jackson Press.

Colours featured in this volume:
Alhambra Olive, Aqua Marine Caress, Dappled Summer Stillness, Humid Pink, Lagoon Caramel, Patchy Burnt Brown, Salty Gold, Valley Blast, Vibrant Meadow.


One-Day Workshop: The Colour of Summer
East London Printmakers, UK, 7th June 2009

A workshop exploring the descriptive, sensory and material qualities of colour. During the workshop each participant created, named then mixed a single colour. The colours were then screenprinted onto individual pages.





After the workshop the book covers, contents and index pages were printed. All the pages are now ready to be collated and bound, the edition will finished by the end of my residency at ELP, June 30th 2009.


Workshop feedback

“As someone who spends a lot of time struggling to get colour to make the effect that I desire, I thought it was great to approach colour in a different way.”
Wuon-Gean Ho

“Just a quick thank you to say what a wonderful day I had printing with you.”
Sumi Perera

“Thank you for a great workshop.”
Vic Browne

Atelier Jackson