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Printmaking Today Autumn Issue 2010
Printmakers’ Diary (page 5)
Nancy Campbell hunts for prints in Arctic Greenland

“Since my exposure to ice in the Arctic I’ve been seeking out others’ responses to this shifting substance to help contextualize my own work. Elizabeth Jackson, the current artist-in-residence at Swansea Print Workshop, Wales, is working on a series of colour studies of ‘Glacial Blue’. These intricately layered screenprints continue Jackson’s impressive body of research on transient colours in nature and analysis of colour depth and mass. the artist’s Glacier Project which records daily observation of the Argentière Glacier in the French Alps, reveals the ‘poetry that science sometimes filters out in the pursuit of objective discourse’.”

Printmaking Today website

In November 2009 I was invited to contribute to Nancy Campbell’s Arctic Arts Blog. I provided information and insights about the Glacier Project for the blog which ‘features artists who have responded to the Polar regions or associated themes, ie. glaciers, ice and vulnerable environments’.

Download the PDF document detailing correspondence between Elizabeth Jackson and Nancy Campbell.

An edited version of this document appears on Nancy Campbell’s Arctic Arts Blog.

For further information visit the Glacier Project website.

Atelier Jackson